Why I Created #AuthorLife Coach...

Not too long ago, I was just like you. I was fresh meat in the writing and publishing world, but one thing in particular set me apart from many of my colleagues. My desire and determination to learn.

I pride myself on taking on new projects, learning new skills, and applying them to my life. I've seen great success each time, which has encouraged me to branch out and offer this creative and educational service.

The main reason I decided to take the plunge into the world of mentoring/coaching is because the services that I offer are ones I wish I had when I was starting out years ago, and even now.

Call me whichever: coach, mentor, writing friend, or cheerleader. They all mean that I will be there, available to you throughout your journey, whether you're just starting out with a story idea, or you're ready to publish or query a literary agent.

  • College Diploma (with Honours) - Academic Area of Study: Business and Mangement (Law Clerk)

  • Years of Work Experience: 5+

  • Years of Writing Experience: 10

  • Professional Course Credentials:

        - Trade Fiction Publishing, Ryerson University

        - Education Publishing, Ryerson University

        - Practical Grammar and Punctuation, Ryerson University

        - Creative Writing, Georgian College

  • Published Works:

        - Twisted Fate (2018)

        - Twisted Gift (2018)

        - Twisted Desire (2019)

        - Twisted Devotion (Spring 2020)


AuthorLife Coach

P.O. Box 72

Fergus, Ontario

N1M 2W7


Tel: 226-802-4522

Email: info@authorlifecoach.com

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